Kick starter lever

My kick start lever got really hard to open today, when home and inspected it, it was bone dry. This was one thing I missed when greasing the bike. There is a ball bearing that ride against a dentent, should there be a spring behind the ball? Now that I have grease the lever it is not locking in the closed position? Mine didn't have any springs behind the ball, just doesn't look right. I did experment with a spring but the ones I have tried so for are not strong enough. Just wondering if anyone as notice what is behind the ball. Thanks

Yep, there is a spring in there. This is an area that we often forget to greese. And they will wear out if you dont. Nothing worse then that kick starter popping out in a right hander..

If it wasn't poppin out before that means you lost the spring when cleaning it. Springs can be pretty elusive if you aren't ready for them to come boingin out of somewhere. I'm suprised you didn't lose the ball instead. Ask a Yamaha dealer to order one. Go to this link if you want to see the part (#20)

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