CRF230L/M Carb Problem - Self Induced

So this is an embarassing thread to start but I have to cause at this point I'm totally stumped. There may be a couple points in this thread where you shake your head and say "Wow, what a newb". The truth is when it comes to Carb's and dirt /dual sports I am most definitely a totaly newb so please cut me some slack, but I will accept insults that come with good advice!


Anyway here is the issue. I bought a new pilot and main to rejet the carb on my 2009 CRF230M. Turns out, I confused the 230f and the 230L with regards to which is essentially the same as my bike, the 230m (it's the 230L not the F). I only discovered this error after having the whole bike stripped to get access to remove the carb and I had the float bowl off. I had purchased the pilot and main for a 230F which has a totally different carb. Unfortunately the directions I was following were also for a 230F and this got me quite lost.


I buttoned everything back up with the stock carb jets after realizing I was, in fact, an idiot. The bike wouldnt start. It took some diagnosing but i realized I wasn't getting any fuel into the float bowl. After a couple more cycles of disassembly/reassembly I realized I had installed the float upside down inside the float bowl. Once I fixed this the bike started right up. I was thrilled at redeeming myself and proceeded to head to the street for a celebratory wheelie. . . which is where I discovered the bike had no top and and no torque aynymore either.


I texted a friend and he suggested maybe I didn't have the float bowl screw back into its original spot. After inspecting this it turns out he was right, i didn't and it was all the way screwed in tight. However when i tried to take it back out to it's normal spot (5/8ths out from all the way in) the bowl just started draining all the fuel that was in it.


My question is how do I fix this? Is it possible when i screwed the screw in after draining the bowl I did it too tightly and broke something? If so what is the likely culprit that needs replacement (other than me).


Other background information is 3500 miles on the bike and it ran flawlessly until I decided to mess with it like a fool.


I think you are confusing the float bowl drain screw (on the bottom right side of the fuel bowl) for the fuel screw (under the front edge of the carb body). On the parts lookup you should be adjusting part #6 and not the screw next to #12.

To be more accurate the fuel mixture screw. Also if you managed to somehow get the float bowl back on with the float assembly upside down you likely will need to check and reset the float level. I'd recommend a service manual, it might help you out more than texting buddies and miscommunications.


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Thanks for the replies guys. I was confusing the fuel screw with the drain screw .

I had a buddy come out a couple days ago and it turns out the rubber vacuum style seal around the needle housing wasnt properly seated and so the slide wouldnt fully open. Its amazing how small of a thing basically makes the carb completely stop working.

I had been hoping to find a service manual online somewhere which is what I was used too in the sportbike world, but no luck with the crf230. I bit the bullet and bought one from crfs only 2 days ago cause they are definitely a must have .

Now the only issue I have is with the turn signals. I replaced the enormous bulb style flashers with led flashers and now when I try to turn them on all 4 turn signals turn on an stay on. Tried replacing the turn signal relay with one from autozone and it had no effect.


I think you need a SOLID STATE FLASHER.

Here's a link to one:

I ordered one and will install it as soon it arrives. I'll let u know what happens because I have a crf230m like u.

I didn't install the led turn signals because I am waiting for factory type connectors.


Just installed it and BLACK wire from flasher goes to GREY wire. RED wire goes to BLACK/BROWN.

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Yea I would love to get your feedback on if that solved the issue. I know the system needs more resistors I just dont know how much or where to out them. Thanks!

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