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2013 KTM 250SX review

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Received my "like new" 2013 KTM 250SX about 10 days ago and finally got it out to the track yesterday. As mentioned in a previous post, the owner before had made some changes which are as follows:


Suspension (the previous owner was 200lbs and said he went to stiffer springs back and front, I only weigh 170 so i think I may have to swap back to stock springs)


fork springs: 5.0 (stiffer than stock)

Rear shock spring: 5.7 (to be confirmed as I haven't confirmed the part number yet but its a race-tech spring)


Carb: Dicks Racing Intellajet mod


Exhaust: FMF/KTM SXS pipe with FMF Powercore 2 silencer



My settings (set clickers to standard, installed yellow PV spring, set the Kreft adjuster to 2.5 turns in)


Ride report (relatively tight MX track)


Engine: The first thing I noticed was how explosive this bike was out of corners and how well this bike hooked up for a two stroke - amazing. This is by far the most powerful 250 two stroke I have ever ridden, midrange power is superb but the snap could get you into trouble on days when the dirt is really tacky, I can see having to adjust the PV spring with the Kreft adjuster to tame it from time to time, this feature is really cool btw.


Cornering, typical 2 stroke, goes wherever you point it and sticks. However on turns that came right after a jump, the bike would not settle fast enough for me to transition into the turn and to hit my chosen race line, this is definitely due to the suspension being too stiff for me, as mention above I weigh 170 and the previous owner installed stiffer springs. I would be curios to hear your guys thoughts on this as I may install the standard springs this week. DISCLAIMER: In my rush to get out and ride, I did not set the sag for me and I think I should have, but on second thought I don't think I would have gotten the right numbers for my weight with these springs installed. Thoughts?


Overall: This is one great bike and i'm really happy I made the switch, anyone thinking of doing the same should seriously bite the bullet and go for it. Just know that this is a serious weapon and does require that you be in shape to ride it to its full potential, it was a wake up call for me, especially as I had not ridden in a couple months prior to receiving this bike - I will be doing some training this week for sure!



Questions for you owners:


What suspension settings did you find worked for you? I am looking at the MXA test and will try to follow their recommendations but am interested in hearing some more real world suggestions from you guys. I figured that at my level I could maybe make the stiffer springs work for me by backing off the compression both front and back, which helped a little, but not enough. Should I be looking to play with sag numbers and clickers a bit more or is it safe to say I should just go back to the stock springs and be done with it?


I am 170lbs, MX only, fast B Level (A when i'm in shape but haven't been lately!)


Thanks in advance guys!

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Bump, can anyone help with my question at the bottom regarding the springs? 


I read somewhere that you could swap the fork springs without having to remove the forks and drain the oil etc, can someone please point me to that post or shed some info on that? Thanks

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