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Wider versus narrower rear tire on DR350......?

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Hi there.

I had a 4.5 Kenda K270 on the rear and I ordered a 4.6 by mistake, I had to use it as I live far away from a bike store and was going on a multiday ride.

Funny I thought that number was the width but the 4.6 looked like a pedal bike tire versus the previous 4.5 (on the Kenda web site the 4.6 is 4.3" wide versus the 4.5 = 4.8" and the 5.1 = 5.2").

So what are the advantages/disadvantages of going with a wider tire on the DR350?

Will I get more tire tread life with more rubber on the ground (I got about 4500 miles out of the 4.6 rear)?

Will I feel a power loss with running more rubber?

I do like that the 4.5 has 6 plys versus only 4 on the 4.6x18'. The max PSI is 40lbs on the 4.5 versus 32lbs on the 4.6 and 5.1 as well.

Does the 5.1 fit okay and are there any advantages going that big (other than more max load)?


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