06 YZ250F carb damage causing problems?

Hey gents, I got an issue with the carb and I'm not sure where to go from here. So first off I have considerable knowledge in the workings of the carb and most engine related things, I think I'm just having a brain fart moment. What had happened was I  was changing my pilot jet for winter riding and I must have sneezed or something but i snapped a piece of the port off. I JB welded it back on, it ran great so I thought nothing more of it. So summer comes back around and it sputtering under heavy throttle low RPM. It runs great on top and low throttle lugging. Naturally i change the needle clip but its still sputtering. So i cracked the carb open to clean it and I saw the piece in the float bowl along with pieces of JB weld. I cleaned everything and reattached the piece thinking that it was the cause of the problem. The problem was still there so i narrowed it down to jetting. The second fix job eventually gave out and the piece fell out again. My question is this...will the hole from the missing piece cause me problems if i leave the piece out or should I start thinking about getting a new carb. I know this is all makes for a fuzzy mental picture so I will try to get a pic of the damage as soon as i can.

Need pics

If the bike sat for more than 4 weeks with gas in the float bowl, you will need to replace the pilot jet with a new one.

Buy a new pilot agin. JB Weld is not fuel safe, few epoxies are and those that are, are expensive.


Having the broken sleeve around the pilot can make running sketchy well being trail ridden, it should not matter when on a track as you will only be idling in the pits and the bike not being shaken up. Pilot only really matters at idle. As you leave iddle, it becomes less of an issue and by 1/4 throttle (or less) it is inconsequential.

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