07TRX450R oil change?

Hey guys, im kinda confused about the oil change for my trx...to my understanding the motor has split cases? Meaning i have to put oil in both sides? On the transmission side, there is clear glass. The other i can't see out of so i just put about a quart in...is there a propper way of doing this. I know this is a issue on other forums & seems to be pretty common but no precise answers.

There is a 10mm check level bolt under the front of the clutch cover on the right side of motor.Fill the transmission oil slowly till it barely comes out of the hole.Then put the bolt back in start,let it idle for 3-5 min shut it off let it set for 2-3 min take out the check bolt back out and if it dont come out add a little more till it comes out.

The sight glass is for the engine oil, check bolt is for tranny fluid. and a QT is too much neither side takes that much. think its like .72 quarts

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