Spring rate balance option

I need to change de spring on a KTM 150SX for a 120 lbs women


Racetech sudgest 


.412 kg/mm fork spring

4.53 kg/mm shock spring



I can get this one for the fork


.41 kg/mm factory connection

.42 kg/mm racetech


For the shock the lightest I can get is the Factory connection 4.6 kg/mm


My question is, should I go with the .42 fork spring to keep a better balance between the front and rear, or the .41 to be close from their recommandation ?

somebody ?

What year?

What's her speed and riding discipline?

MX track, C women class, 2013


My concern is mostly about the balance


With the 4.6 kg/mm shock I'm .7 heavier than the sudgest rate


So if I take the .42, I'm .8 heavier, so this is really similar from the rear difference, but with the .41 I won't get this balance

It's been my experience that racetech's spring rate "SUGGESTIONS" are a little light. On their website they say to use the closest rate spring. I always go to the next heavier rate. I'm not a suspension expert, but I think you would be fine going to the heavier rate - .42

Personally, I prefer a heavier spring and lighter valving. It keeps me higher in the stroke, and I feel encouraged to go faster. I feel the heavier spring is slightly more forgiving for those times I come up short or over jump....


I like your way of thinking, I also think a lot ride their bike with stock suspension spring and come used to ride with heavier spring so the transition is easier

Yup, .42s is what I would be running....

Good thank a lot

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