Acerbis 3 Gallon w/ Scots under bar dampener

I'm looking to put on the Acerbis 3.0 gallon tank, But I'm worried it will it will interfere with the Scots under bar steering dampener I wish to put on soon.


Will it?

Send a message to Eric@ScottsPerforamce. I had the same question about a 3 gal tank and my 2012 WR. He answered me quickly.

I'm looking at my 2007 450SXF with a 3 gallon tank (don't ask me why), and my 2012 450 XCW with a Scotts under bar stabilizer.  It looks to me like the big tank would not interfere (assuming it were interchangeable, which it isn't).   

No the tank won't interference, plenty of room....I'm using the Scorpion Rad guards and the cross braces do rub on the front side of the tank. I just put a bit of foam padding on the tank.... Other guards might be different though...



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The 3 gal tank should work with no problem- if this is the one pictured above you have plenty of room.




Works fine. I run both. No problems. Cheers

Good to know! Thanks all.

One thing I forgot to ask about. Do the make a fuel sock for that tank?

I think acerbis does now....if not I bought one from one for acerbis tank...

I think acerbis does now....if not I bought one from one for acerbis tank...


I tired the links. its dead. can you re-post it? 

sorry its ACE 001 part #

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