350 lost all electrical power

Yesterday my 350 cost me a 4th place finish on the last lap, left me sitting in the woods waiting for sweepers and a tow out. It's kind of sad to say that I'm getting used to this kind of thing. I haven't taken it apart yet but it's eating me up and I'm working a double. I'm hoping its a broken wire or something similar and easy but I'd like to see if similar issues are out there. Bike is dead, stalled under a load with a back fire. No power at the starter button no fuel pump when I kick and no fi light when I kick. Any ideas?

Did you check the fuses?


Is your battery also dead?


If you battery has voltage and still no power its probably your fuses,


If the battery has no power and our fuses are good its probably your stator...


Inspect your three wires, the main ground, the positive from the batt to starter relay, and the wire from the relay to the starter...


You will need to remove the fitler cover and you might get your hands dirty...

positive cable just pulled out of the terminal. simple fix thankfully

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