Yamaha yz125 and KTM 150sx Maxima trans oil weight MLT 80w or 85w?

I have a ktm 150sx and yamaha yz125 and would like to know what waight oil to run. I mostly race in weather of 70 give or take 20 degrees and I abuse my clutches pretty good. what would be the best weight Maxima MLT trans oil to run, 80w or 85w? I do not want clutch drag when I rev at the gate and I want it to shift when I try to shift and of course go into neutral when I try but thats not very important. Any input is helpful

If you have clutch drag then it goes a lot deeper then oil.

Your basket isn't notched?

Well i used rotella t and my ktm had really bad drag so I bought maxima 75w MLT oil and put it in and had no drag but on hole shots has a hard time shifting. And the ression I got 75w is because that's all the trailer had. I don't think my basket is notched. So I'm just wondering what I should use between 80w and 85w. But thanks for the advise on the notched basket leading to clutch drag. Ill keep a better eye on that. And I think the maxima 75w is called light, 80w is called racing, and 85w is called enderence. But I'm not sure. Just looking for advise and suggestions. Thanks

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