Does a honda steering damper work on other bikes

Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm looking to put one on my rmz 250 2012. I don't want to spend 600 dollars on a bulky Scott's unit. I saw Ryan Hughes put one on a 2013 450 but not sure if the 12 250 would work the same. Help!

If you have a welder, yes.

Look up Ride Engineering. They have a setup that works with their triple clamps....

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thier is a company that makes a kit to put it onto almost any bike. google the hell out of it. its a 40ish $ kit plus the dampener. i put one on my CR250. dont expect the HPSD to be anything like a scott. thier is some dampening, but not a ton. helps alot with head shake.

I don't expect it to be super badass but it turns out they don't make it for a suzuki, so I am wondering if it mounts up with no modification? Maybe I will do some "factory" garage modifications. They said they have a kit for the 13 but the lower clamp is the same as the 10-12's and so is the frame feature. Considering my ignition coupler harness is behind my radiator and not behind my front plate logic says it should work but I want to know more. If I change my lower clamp I can't run stock class. I don't have the money to turn my bike into a mod beast either. Thanks.

im sure you can make it work with a simple bracket.

Yeah no doubt but I would like to hear from somebody that's tried it too.

MX Bonz has a kit for other Honda models. Call them and maybe they can help you.

Is that a company?

^ that be the company i got my kit from.

Tennessee doesn't have Google ?


Seems to be a few other places it hasn't reached yet as well.....  :lol:

Update- I called ride engineering and spoke to "Adrian". I asked him about the bracket for the 12 and the guy started cursing me out. I didn't ask him in a ride manor nor was I rude. Just inquiring about a product design and fitment for my bike. Polite from the get go. Just asking about how this kind of thing works because I am not an expert on it. The guy went apeshit on me and started yelling about how they don't make anything for "old" bikes. Wow, 2012 is an ancient artifact from last year since the 14 hadn't hit floors yet. I've never in my life been treated like that. What a piece of shit. I've never heard of somebody being cussed out for wanting to buy something from them. I will never buy anything from them and I will piss all over everything they make at any given chance. I encourage you guys to consider this as well. What a horrible company. I am astonished. What a terrible place this world has become

LOL what.

Yeah no doubt but I would like to hear from somebody that's tried it too.

G'day, I grafted an 08 model one on to my 07 WR450f, I had an off cut of 16mm billet ally tube which I had scrounged from somewhere, drilled & tapped it, then welded it on the head stock, drilled & tapped into the lower triple clamp (picked up as much purchase as possible) used spacers to get the correct clearances done. There's enough clearance to run the stock headlight, & I also rebuilt it with the Race Tech Gold valve upgrade which really made it heaps better with more tuneability, total spend on this mod is about $180 AUD including Race Tech kit, & my body is very happy with the result, as its saved my ass heaps. ROOSTA out.

Yeah I asked the guy what's different between the 12 and the 13and he cussed me out and was generally acting like a bitch on her period. Straight up cussed me out. After I asked if they make a plate for mine he started like whining like a little girl and then i asked him what was different he straight up just started calling me names and talking all kinds of shit. I wasnt rude to the guy although i did call him a fa ggot toward the end of the conversation and rightfully so. Told me my bike was old and out dated and all kinds of wonderful things. I should have apologized for inquiring about his products. I should already know everything there is to know. What a dumbass I am.

Thanks, did you drill and tap the feature on the frame? I don't have the tools to tap it I guess I could take it to a machine shop.

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RIDE ENGINEERING.....can go F%$^ themselves! If that is the way they treat customers, well then I wont buy shiiit from them

That is indeed how they treat their customers. I called back and I asked who was in charge. The guy said "me motherfker!" followed by threats, more cursing and other various obscenities. I swear on my life this is true. No jokes. It was like the dude was on a menstrual cycle. Appalling. Simply appalling. Why is everyone today such a turd. What happened to this country?



No, it sounds like he's joking, and just making it all up....are you serious?

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