Compression Tester -Harbor Freight ?

 anyone used a Compression Tester from Harbor Freight-
was it any good?


Have had 2. both have gone out rather quickly. its really hit and miss with harbor freight tools.

have one and it works fine.   tested it next to my neighbors snap on and it was spot on

I have had one for a good 10 years.  I don't use it a lot but it always has worked and worked fine.  I agree some things can be hit or miss with HF.

I have the $25 kit because it had attachments to suit the small plug hole on my engines.  It has held up for several year and so far good.

My compression on my KTM 200 was getting a bit low (130).  I bought a new tester at HF, and I instantly gained 25 psi!!!!  Saved me the cost of a rebuild, but for some reason bike is hard to start!

Have had 2. both have gone out rather quickly. its really hit and miss with harbor freight tools.

Aint that the truth, harbor freight is nice for the cheapness of the tools but it really is hit or miss. 

use the same tester at rebuild and throughout the life of the top end for consistency. Don't worry about the psi number, just worry about the amount the compression drops throughout it's life, in terms of percentage. All compression testers are off, unless they're calibrated properly. But the relative reading at rebuild and beyond should be roughly the same throughout the life of the tester. So 2 different testers could give 2 different numbers, but the reading should drop by the same percentage throughout the life of the top end no matter which tester is used.

Some things I don't skimp on when it comes to motors.. Comp check tool is one of them!   I dunno, I don't trust any "precision" tools from HF.. They're great for cheap sockets and wrenches and stuff... But torque wrenchs, comp testers, not for my motors :) 

I used to have a good compression tester but let someone use it and poof now gone -


 need one now to check a friends new to him bike --

it will fire -but just stumbles for a few seconds and dies-

its a YZ400 and Im getting to old to kick it for   Long Time    --

have a feeling it about 95 to 110 psi -


If I could get my thumb over the spark plug hole I could do the very accurate Thumb test -

but there is just no way --

Harbor Freight is only good for stuff with few or no moving parts.  Like wheel chocks.  I have a dirt bike stand that works OK but the top plate needs reinforcement.  Sand blaster OK.  Bead breaker looks OK but I haven't used it yet.  Their air or power tools are F!@#$%^ JUNK.  

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