Pros/cons of a 2006 RMZ 450

Hey guys looking at a what appears to be mint 06 rmz 450, just wondering what your guys opinions are on the bike good or bad.

I have a friend who owned the 06.  I thought it was great...turned really good.   Its now 7 years old so just make sure it is indeed mint. ;)

How was it for power? Had a Kawi 450 yrs ago had an awesome punch.

I own and ride this 06 model RMZ, and i love it.

Cons depend on what your riding, for me:

* The 4-speed gearbox on really steep hills, it requires alot of clutch, or it will easily stall out half way up. It can't just chug up the hill because of the gearing.

* No E-start, this is the next thing i would love to have


Other than that, i find it a very capable bike, with tonnes of power, it smokes my cousins YZ250 which has the 290 big bore kit in it.

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How was it for power? Had a Kawi 450 yrs ago had an awesome punch.

I don't remember how he had it geared but I really liked the 4 speed.  It had a lot of power....I rode it in sand and the thing ripped. 

Awesome guys thanks for the feed back, I think it's really worth the try.

I own a 06 RMZ 450 it never ran right it would never idle on its own and die & would over heat easily it was always hard to start especially cold other than that it was fast it felt ok but I liked the Kawasaki much better and bought a KXF 450 it ran much better

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