1987 KDX 200 help

OK so I have an 87 KDX 200 that is driving me bonkers. I got it in trade and it was running, just not very well. The other day I rode for a few minutes and parked it, when I started it back up it ran for a minute and died. After kicking it like crazy for about ten minutes it fired and smoked like crazy. At that time I noticed a bunch of smoke coming from between the jug and the head. Switched head gasket out today and it is still doing the exact same thing. I am at a total loss, it will fire and run for a minute then die, kick it like crazy and it will fire again and bog out. Any ideas and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Get a caliper and a manual, spec that thing out, out of spec replace it.. Lots of things can contribute to your symptoms.

Possible warped gasket mating surface? Clogged exhaust?

Negative on the exhaust, I pulled the silencer a pipe off and they are both clear. I have tried every trick that I know and I am still coming up short. The smoke stopped around the jug after the gasket change, just to clarify. At this point I am thinking either fuel or ignition, most likely ignition. Maybe a bad/weak stator? Or a wire is grounding out somewhere. The damn bike is so simple I cannot believe its kicking my ass.

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