Xr250r doen not start after replacing hotcams with a stock cam.

HELP! I had a 277 kit done,  plus a hotcams installed. The bike ran well except for the fact the kick start gear broke three times.  So I had the stock cam put back in and now the bike does not start.  They checked to see if it was installed correctly, and it was.  It has been at Honda Dealer for two.months now. They want to replace the piston and rings now, but the compression is very good. I have less than 20 hours on it.  I called Xr's Only but didn't hear from them. So any ideas why it's not starting. They tried a new CDI Box, rebuilt the carb, but no luck. Thanks..

did they remember to put the little cam setting plunger and plunger spring that reset the auto compression release? Its a small pin located right under the cam,below the decompression section of cam.Its parts 5 and 6 of the cylinder head on the parts breakdown here at tt parts store,on 2003 xr250. I bought an xr250 and it was missing,and gave me fits til I figured it out,thanks to the guys here at thumpertalk!!!  I think they remove it with aftermarket cams,so maybe its not there! I also had compression when tested,but it didn't pump up as fast as it should have .because decompressor kept opening the valve.

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Yep, I agree. Plunger and spring is the first thing to rule out.

Thanks for the info. i also heard from Xr's only i should have a #48 pilot jet too. I relayed this to the Honda tech. I don't think he thinks this would work. Thanks again.

I have had about 6 xrs thru my garage, the key to starting always seems to be the proper pilot jet & air/fuel screw setting. I have a xr280 & 250 in my garage now, both would take forever & then some till they were jetted right. Think my 280 has a 48 pilot w stock cam

Hi, just want to give the update. firstplacephoto you were right. It was the cam setting plunger and plunger spring were missing.

I relayed this to the Honda tech. I don't think he thinks this would work.

this is quite possibly the most disturbing thing I have read today. If this is truly a Honda Dealer, one would be under the impression that they know SOMETHING about motorcycles.

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