02 CRF450R frame with 09 CRF405R engine

Hey everyone,


I have the opportunity to get a complete 09 450R engine/tranny/wiring along with a few other pieces. I would like to see if it is possible to shoehorn that engine into my 02 450R. I know it's FI and I believe the frame has changed as well. Does anyone know if this is even possible to pull off? I was under the impression that the rims wont fit on my 02 but I am hoping that at least the engine can somehow be fitted in. It would be great if it was possible, the engine is coming from a buddy that used the bike as a parts bike and he has the engine/tranny and wiring left over.





Pipe amd head wont fit right i imagine.

Unless you can weld aluminum, it's probably not going to happen. The engine changed significantly in 2009. It became smaller, more inline with the CRF250R engine.

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