1999 300 newbie

Hello, always been a four stroke man until I had the chance to pick up a 99 300 for a cheap price that needed a little tlc. A few things I was needing to know was what shock can I put on this bike I found some on Ebay for a 94 all the way up to 08 but wasn't sure what parts would work on this year. and the seat also. Will other years change out? And the header pipe also needs to be replaced what years will swap on it too.


I think there is parts interchangeability for the 1998-2002 models. Later shocks may fit as well, but the seats and expansion chamber might be limited to 1998-2002. I have a '99 250. These are fun bikes. You are going to enjoy riding the 300. Sounds like you got a good deal too. Don't forget to post a picture.

I was looking at a 99 but that deal feel through so here is my "new to me" 1998 300. I am new to 2 stroke so it will be new to me but I think I made a good move trading my 1999 yz400f for it. It's in really good shape some new tread and ready to hit some trail this Friday. Whats the good and the bad of these bikes? anything in particular I need to look for? I have noticed some "rattle" noise in a los RPM lug with it figured it was clutch noise. thanks for any input. 1998 KTM 300 001.JPG1998 KTM 300 002.JPG

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Looks like a solid bike. Run a compression check. I've read that it should be above 165, or you probably need to do the top end. Manuals seem to be available from several internet sources for low or no cost. Change the trans fluid and clean the air filter. Then take it for a shake down ride to figure out what else it needs. These are good bikes and well liked by trail riders. They have a reputation for good power and longevity. The forks are WP50's which are pretty nice. Sometimes the seals and case gaskets fail allowing trans fluid to be sucked into the engine. This can be corrected if recognized. I measure mine when I drain it.  

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