Fork cartridge oil capacity

Never got a manual with our 12. Can anyone tell me the oil capacity for the inner Cartridge?


Thanks in advance

Lemme check

I don't have a 2012 manual but the 2011 states 215cc. It really doesn't matter, just put enough in to make the damper difficult to install and blow the rest off. Use 225cc, for instance.

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Cool thanks


I measured 200cc coming out. 215 worked perfect and a small amount of extra did work its way out of the bleed holes.


This was my first time working on the inner chamber.

I've always left my suspension to the boys at FC.

I dropped the shock off for a refresh yesterday. But Its a slow time right now and I figured what the hell with the forks.


I set up large aluminum turkey basting pans everywhere on the bench, and on my wheel around carts, hoping to keep the work area clean.

My benches are wood top so any oil spilled would just soak in and I didn't wan that. And I don't like oil on the floor

The pans work well for arranging, holding, and cleaning, parts. And can be used over again if you take the time to clean them, which I do.

My goal was to replace both chamber fluids, but noticed a leaking seal so the seals got replaced as well.

All in all its not too difficult a job, and the only special tools needed were the fork cap and inner chamber wrenches.

A fork seal driver tool would have been helpful but I don't own one, and I've always use the old seal to drive the new one in.


If I were going to do this as a regular thing I'd invest in a seal driver, but in the future I'll leave this job to the boys at FC.

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I prefer not to do that stuff as well, but sometimes you're in a bind and it just has too get done. Gets MUCH easier after you do a few sets, too. Much easier... And much faster. Just don't let on to your friends that you know how to do that stuff.

Once you break down and actually buy the right tools to do this's way too easy!!!

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