Xr600 cam vs xr650

So I got an xl I'm redoing, was able to get ahold of a 91 xr head and I was planning on using an xr hot cam in it, however, I know that these are slightly larger, which require larger bearings so my xl bearings won't work, I found on eBay an xr650 cam that comes with a bearings, I guess the question is, how different are the cam from a xr600 to an xr650 and where can I get bearings for them


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Don't think there's any difference between after 88 600s and 650L..bearings included..


Don't forget you're going to need to change the Camchain and bottom and top Camchain sprockets over to later model XR600 (after 88)or XRL650..XL600 ones are no good,,too wide..Or should I say they may be ok if you have the pair of XL600 and the chain..I do seem to remember some sort of difference in the way the XL sprocket mounts to a later model cam when I did the conversion..I may be wrong though..getting forgetful.


Funny really,,,they give you an extra 50cc in a 650 and reduce the size of both the Cam chain and sprockets..Pre 86 XR/XL must have been over engineered..

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There's the difference in Cam chains and sprockets between years models if anyone's mildly interested..


Left.. Year 86 XR/XL600 and below


Right..After 88 XR600 and the XRL650


Sprocket mount points to the Cam look the same ,,no cam to try them out on so not 100% on that..

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Horri your amazing! Glad to know post 88 xr600 and 650 cams interchange and I had no idea about the cam chain, that pic will save me at least $30 I would have spent on a new chain, although when I get a cam here ill see if the xl sprocket does bolt on and mount correctly so I don't have to buy a new bottom end sprocket, still finding bearings for these is pretty hard, all I've found so far were for a pre 87

Which bearings are you looking for??,,Cam bearings or something else,,If Cam bearings are what you're after for the 88 XR600s and above and 650L I just went to a bearing shop for them..Nothing fancy there..Just make sure you take the cam in or what have you and they'll sort it out..All you need to do is make sure you get bearings with the seals in them..You can get them either sealed both sides or no seals at all..Get the sealed and pull one seal off one side of one of the bearings. I can't recall whether both ends of the cam bearings need seals on them..I know the Cam sprocket side needs one seal on the bearing facing out towards the sprocket..the other I'm not sure,,don't think it needs seals at all..


I have a load of bearings in storage if you get stuck regards size..I'll need to pop out to my storage unit and pick them up at some stage if you really need me to..


I'll also check my books and see if I have the correct numbers for you to quote at a bearing shop..have all that sort of stuff written down..just a matter of finding it if I can..


Nope checked me books,,only have what I think are the pre 86 XR/XL numbers..I don't want to risk giving you the wrong ones..Why don't you just order them from Honda,,things are only about $13 each,,If you were to go to a bearing shop I doubt you'd get cheaper..Size is 18x37x9 ,,(6904) would be a number you'd quote to a bearing shop,,get them to measure them if you go that way..Size is what I said back a bit,,sealed both sides..


You can get every bearing required for a 600/650 engine rebuild from a bearing shop bar the 2 mains and one other,,Not sure which other but I know there's one other oddball..You may also get one main ,, the other (righthand side) needs to come from Honda..

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Thanks, horri, I'm sure you don't need to go dig through your storage, ill be able to find some, I haven't checked with my Honda shop yet, they're closed on Mondays, but ill be giving them a call, ill also see what kind of bearing shops I have around here and see what they have, and yes its for the cam bearings.

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