rm 125 only has first gear

Hey everyone i have an rm 125 The bike runs great but now stuck in first gear only has netural. Any idea howrw much and what couldd be wrong need to know asap

It is a 2001

Best and only real way to know, would be to open it up and find out.  The rest is all speculation.

Uhh. Well i just hope i dont have to split the case


Guess what you have to do! First go buy a service manual, read it, then split the case.

You could take the right side cover off and see if the shift lever shaft is connected to the shift drum. If that looks good then you will probably have to split the cases which isn't so bad if you organize all of your parts. Like the previous poster mentioned, buy a manual they walk you through pretty much everything.

If you shifted w/out the clutch under load you may have bent the shifter fork. Definatley +1 on getting a manual. Best 40$ you will ever spend on your bike.

A clutch plate may have broke because mine wouldn't shift above 2nd and that's what it was

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