Cbr throttle body?

Is the cbr throttle body bigger? Badder? Bolt on???

The CBR TB is 38mm vs the 36mm version on the CRF. I have one waiting for me to install with my big bore kit that is on the way.

Is the cbr throttle body bigger? Badder? Bolt on???


follow positrons CRF305L owners thread if you want to know more .... my opinion is that it will be more of a high revin supermoto mod more than anything else. The smaller throttle body on the CRF250L was put on the CBR250R engine by Honda to give the trail bike version of this engine a little more bottom end torque. 

It could be a worthwhile improvement once you have the 305cc big bore kit but Bill Blue claims there is no improvement with the bigger throttle body.

I'll be testing it on the dyno soon to see if there is any improvement.

If you're on a tight budget you'd be much better off saving your money and just getting the big bore kit.

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