Newbies and non mechanical types.

 Ok thumper talk friends and fam. I am noticing more and more on your forums of people that are new to bikes or crfs in general are getting taken advantage of by the local shop and or mechanic. And don't get me wrong I am not categorizing all local shops. I know lots of honest mom and pop shops out there. Just kills me to here of someone with no mechanical knowledge get took. So here it is guys. (661) 256-7309. Please call and ask for Jeff with any questions about your crf. I have owned one for 8 years now and know a bit about them, but if you stump me I will ask around and we can get it figured out before you take it to the shop for a little ease at mind. And we can put the word out for a good shop in your area. And please use this forum to your advantage and don't get taken advantage of. 

     And I ask all knowledgeable people that are willing to help a fellow rider to post there # so that we will not here of some poor dude shelling out a bunch of money to not fix the problem. 


Please help if you can.


Thanks Jeff @

Sounds to me like you need to pay for a franchise to sell bikes, pay for a building, employees, overhead, tools, parts, utilities, etc and then see how much you have to charge to fix someone's bike AND be responsible for anything that happens to said bike while in your care

Have you not seen our shop. We have been in the Biz for over 50 years. know as APE or American Performance Engineering. We build some of the worlds fastest motorcycles. we have parts around the world and have one of the most knowledgeable staffs in the motorcycle industry. We don't sell bikes we sell parts. And this is not a sales pitch. It is just another way for people to find help if needed.   

There are pics of the shop on our main site If you are looking.

Thanks Jeff.  I do most of my own work but every now and again need to take her to the shop.  If nothing else it would be nice to know roughly what I'm in for.  


I applaud your effort.  That's what these forums are for.

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