E/S model cartridge fork damper bushing...unavailable?

Just finished rebuilding my forks and noticed the teflon coated bushing on the damper has some wear on it and I'd like to change it next time I have the forks apart. OEM diagrams show the damper/bushing as one part. And Racetech doesn't sell this bushing. SearchingTT didn't produce any answers either. Whats the deal with this bushing? See the bushing on item #18:


Let me check the dealer parts fische in the morning. I often find parts shown there that do not show up on the retail online sites fische. 


I've not seen a  reason to replace that band... but never really had a set of forks that had a ton of hours use.. (old and abused yes, but not 10's of hundreds of hours of use)

Right. Looks just like the other teflon coated bushings that you get in a rebuild kit, snaps on to the upper end of the damper (not the damper rod that rides inside it). One of mine has a groove in the teflon from something. Thanks for the link I'll give it a try. My sisneros tuned forks work perfect, just want to keep them fresh

I ordered shims and mid-valve parts from SDI, they were reasonably priced and have almost any KYB/SHOWA suspension part you need.

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