need help with a 1997 cr 125 wont stay running

hello i gota gently used 1997 cr 125 for a good deal iv road it around for about one month now and love it i put 25 hours on this bike and everything was checked before i got it and it all checked out but the issue i and having now is when i start the bike and let it warm up it runs about 2- 3 mins then stalls wether u idle it or give it a little bit of throttle. Then it wont start no matter how many time u kick it over but if u pull the plug and clean the gas of, it will fire again but stall. Every time i do this it idles for less time im to the point where it fires up then dies right away i have cleaned and oiled the air filter and it cant be a jetting problem or it wouldent of ran before???? i  run the bike 35/1 for gas to oil is this a top end issue???? new rings????? i dont have a compression tester and was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue any advice would be helpful seems how this is my first 2 stroke. thanks in advance

Sounds like it is fouling plugs.  What is your current jetting including the air screw setting?  It is better to put in a new plug rather than try and clean it.  Are you losing any trans fluid?  Maybe a possible right hand crank seal.

sounds like you need a new plug

Probably the top end. It's a 97 and you put 25 hours on it. I'd definitely would and just replace the plug too. Some people say to do the top end on a 125 like every 15 hours some say they can easily get 50 plus. Unless you're really beating the Crap out of it then yeah 10 to 15 is right. I am fairly aggressive and easily put 25 my last piston and I REALLY should have had the cylinder replated. I didn't know at the time what it was supposed to look like. So I'd say 25 to maybe 35 on a good coated piston, good cylinder and crank; anything else and I think it's just luck to get that much time on a high performance machine that was meant to be worked on fairly frequently(some may disagree). Seems like a lot of the people that say more also rebuild there whole motor when the piston breaks apart. That's just my opinion though I'd like to see others too haha

I'd also check the trans airline hose for bubbles, now that I'm thinking and it is a 97 it might be best just do the top and bottom end. I know it sucks but a lot of times with used bikes they just aren't taken care of at all... Even if they look pretty

check your plug...and maybe your carb. hate for you to rebuild if it's a simple fix.

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