YZ426 electrical help need from WR owners please.

Bought a 2002 YZ426.

Road (UK) legal, base motor.

Has a total loss elctrical system fitted - ie battery powers lights & horn, but has to be charged using a mains powered "optimate charger", or similar when the bike is garaged at night.

Is there a easy fix to take power from the exitsing coil and use this to charge the battery.

can I just use one of the ignition wires comming out and connect to the live on the battery?

I've asked this in the YZ forum and its been suggested that you guys are the ones that would know :)

How about I buy an unused wr rectifier/regulator and hot wired one of the stator leads on its way to the CDI?

any help would be relly appreciated - or anyone who selling a second hand charging circuit??

Hope every ones xmas was as good as mine!

again, all the best, and thanks very much guys.


perhaps if you look up the parts views on ronnies.com for the wr & yz 426 and see if the coil numbers are the same.My wr 426 came with a wirring diagram and by the looks they just added the lighting system.

The yz stator dont put out any juice for charging. YOu need a wr stator and flywheel for that $300 from www.electrexusa.com

Your stator is only wound on one pole or maybe several, but its for ignition only. You need either a WR stator or send the stator off your bike to have it wound wiht extra coils on the empty poles. Then you'll need to rectify (its AC now) and regulate it. AC will work fine just for running lights, but to use a battery for storage, it must be converted to DC. Simple diode inline for half wave rectification, but full wave would be better.

so, if I buy a wr rectifyer and and add another coil on on of the spare poles thats surfice? I'll give it a go.

thanks for your help guys

happy new year


There is actually quite a few empty poles on the YZF. I've guessing about 7 or more. Yeah, having this wound and adding the same wiring along with reg/rectifier as the WR should do it. I know outfits like Baja Designs that does the dual sport kits can wind your existing stator. They have the specs on their webpage along with prices.

There is actually quite a few empty poles on the YZF

Ahhh unless I am mistaken, which I often am, then I'd have to say WRONG!

I just went out to look at the stock stator for my 99 yz400 that is sitting on the shelf. It has wire wound on all the poles. Here is a picture of it.


this is proving complicated - there are quite a few WR owners who YZ thier bikes - or maybe someone sells secondhand parts? can anyone point me in the right direction?

You need a wr stator and flywheel. That or an e-line stator kit. The e-line is way pricy.

Some people are making coils that will work with the yz stator backer plate and stock flywheel. But they only put out 45watts and are still expensive, like $220. The wr system is only like $80 more and puts out like 130 watts.

Now the wr system may put ac were you need dc to charge or vice versa. You may need some extra part to convert he voltage. I dont know about all that. Call electrex. They can answer all your questions. Them or Bajadesigns.

hey guys, thanks for the info - the bike already has lights - which run off a 12v battery -

I was hoping I could regulate the ac current from one of the yz stator coils and connect this to the battery as a charge rather than charging from the mains battery charger overnight?

would that work?

sorry to be a pain in the a**


Race spec(herefordshire)sell lighting coils for your bike at £92.50(dunno what wattage they are though!)tel:01531 631700,or try pro-racing(northants)they sell light kits and may be able to help you out,tel:01327-301322,or try and pick up a copy of TBM trail bike & enduro magazine,you may find some usefull numbers in there :)

small world!! thanks for the info - trouble with the UK is the prices people get away with charging!

thanks for the leads - I'll let you know how I get on.


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