2000 yz250 power valve issues

So i just rebuilt my 00 yz 250 top and bottom end. The cylinder has been resleaved stock bore still. Now I noticed that the the power valve is hitting the sleeve and won't close all the way. Sleeve seems to sit in about a 1/4" into the slot for the power valves. Now I have the motor completely together and it runs just has no power at low end. Is it because of the power valves?

If the valve isn't closing completely, that's where you would notice it - low end power.  Did you do the assembly or was that the shop that did the sleeve?  They should know better.  After all, they do it for a living.  If you're positive that's what's going on, the valve would need to be removed and trimmed.  I've been told it's almost impossible to do this with the cylinder on the bike.  Never tried it myself with mine.

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