Last XT350 Carb question? 1986.

Ok..Carbs have been cleaned rebuilt. I just put the New float in and the bike runs fine. Get the front end up and it dies. I noticed that gas is filling up in the tube under the carb. That's the (Y connecter)?

When it loads up the tube fills up with gas and dies. Any idea what would cause this issue? Once gas is cleared, it runs fine.


Stock carb with No changes.The red line on the tube is the one that's filling up.



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Be sure the float is properly adjusted . 27±2.5mm .

What would cause the gas to fill in the vaccum line? To much gas? A seal that I may have missed? The floats are set at the measurement you posted up. It still loads up and there is gas in the same vaccum line. Once I get some kind of answer to that problem I should have it solved hopefully. Whatever is causing gas to pass through and into the vaccum line is my problem.

I'm at a loss . I've not had to deal with the California 'extras' .


Hopefully a fellow Californian or at least someone that knows will see this thread and fill us both in .

I guess no one else has any idea's either..Sad :banghead:


The floats are set at the measurement you posted up.



Exactly at what level is the float set ?

You might try setting it towards the high end of the ± 2.5mm . That would allow less fuel in the bowl .

At the same time insure a good seal at the float needle . It's possible that the seat needs polishing . You can use Q tips and Brasso or even a polishing tooth paste . The seat should be pristine shiny .

I see in the picture the vent tube is connected to plugged tube,in my clymer service manual page 216 illustation 5 the vent hose and the drain hose both go down behind the crankcase.And on page 217 illustation 10 there is no hose connected to the tube.So you have the vent is plugged off. How does the motor run with the vent hose disconnected?

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In my Clymer service manual there are No pictures of the tubes I have pictured above or were they go. I did pull it off to see if it would run and it ran fine. I even pluged up the tube with finger and No difference. Very odd? I brought the R's up and plugged again with finger and still No change.


The float needle is brand new.



If you plug the hose on the wrong fitting under carb it won't start.

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Ok...Took the carbs off adjusted the floats to about  were the Manual says for fuel level 6± 1.0mm. Maybe off a hair. Got it to run right but soon as I wheeled up the hill it died when I went to turn around. This time it did Not fill the vaccum line up. Think I might be getting closer. :ride:

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Here is a couple of shots of my carbs.


Never run beer in the tank. When the front end comes up you may think you are higher than you realy are. Have you tried removing the carb and riding it with propane fed from a coleman bottle. This one is really got me, tried everything. Can you set the floats with the bowl off?

:jawdrop:  :lol:  Can't figure this one out. What are we missing. Keep trying something has to work. Or just go fishing. Or get a drz400 Ha Ha Ha. :ride:

Well I think we got it or I should say My Buddy DRZHESTER did. He's the clown that's been helping me out at home. To much gas! Floats are set. Passed the wheelie test and our little test track down the street. Need to take it a long climb up the mountain to make sure she is good.



Keep you posted. :worthy::moon:

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And , exactly why was there too much gas ? ;)

Just had to find that sweet spot with the floats. It also helps when you have a friend that understands it a lot better than i do.

A good learning experience for sure. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

So what did you end up setting your floats at

Not sure of the measurement. Started High then worked our way down. The carb was floading itself.

Mine doesn't have this pipework , from the two upper ports there is just a short piece of tube on each one but not connected together, and on e bottom port there is nothing connected , I assumed they are float bowl overflows :-)

Did some hills climbs today in the rain..She runs like a champ!! No problems at all. I think the problem is solved.


Thanks for everyones input...Much appreciated.



Chris, :thumbsup:

Excellent . :)

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