2012 yz450 help with setup

Hi guys new too thumper talk and racing mx so take it easy on me. Got a 2012 yz450 set the clickers too the setting mxa posted on there review for the bike. I weigh 160 pounds new too racing but have owned a few dirt bikes over the years bike seems harsh and having trouble with corners and getting the bike too lean over in the turns. Thinking it might be a little stiff for my skill and weight Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Thanks I set my sag too 100mm. Sorry should have included that. I have seen that it seems a lot of guys are running that and a little more. I am new too really fine tuning a bike since before when I rode was just for fun so it didn't really matter if the set up was on point. So I don't have a lot of experience tried some different bar positions and tried the mxa clicker settings that's it. I have a basic understanding of how the clickers work but but very basic.

I also have my forks slid up 3mm. Just too try it.

Stock springs are going to be too stiff for you .

I've found 110mm to be a good starting point for the sag on this bike, forks flush

My guess for you would be

.44-.46s forks

5.4 shock

In 3-4 clicks on rear rebound, out 1/4 turn on high speed, put everything else to stock then test & tune

I to like my sag around 105-110  but i like my forks up 5mm it's still just as stable but seems to put more weight on the front tire.it works really well for me. 

Thanks guys I appreciate it. If it makes any diff I'm 160-165 with nothing on. These is what I have the clickers at now forks comp 10 reb 9. Shock I have hi comp 1 1/2 turns out lo comp 7 clicks out rebound 14 clicks out. The track I ride (and only Ben theme twice gets very choppy and rutted by the end of the day it has flat and off camber corners. Bike feels stiff forks barley dive in corners not a lot of huge jumps on the tracks but the ones that are there I'm not using a lit of suspention travel at least that's how it feels and on the choppy sections I have too hang on for dear life I feel the bike could be soaking more of it up but I'm new too racing all together and it's Ben a number of years since I had a bike. Would softening the compression help this. It would be nice too send suspention out too some one who knows what there doing but that will have too weight for financial reasons. Thanks for the tips if any one has any input I welcome it.

Oh And will upping my sag too say 105 help any of these issues. Thanks

Ps those are mxa magazines settings. I can deal with a rough ride for know but it seems too push and not lean over in Most corners when I try too be aggressive at all. But what do I know it is a 2 wheeled machine riding on loose dirt.

My first guess is that you're too light, and you either need to get fat, add ballast, or reduce the spring rate.  However, first let's look at your sag.  You say you set it to 100mm rider sag; what's the free sag (the sag with nobody on the bike?).  If it's more than 35mm, your spring's too stiff in the rear.  Checking the front, the bike should settle about 43mm under its own weight, and 77-78 or so with you on the bike.  If the fork won't sag that much under your weight, the springs are likely too stiff, and the dynamic height of the front end is probably causing the pushing problem.


First thing is to remember that to corner most any MX bike really effectively, you have to move as far forward as you reasonably can.  Next is to try raising the fork 5-10mm in the clamps.  You may not care for that setting after the spring rate is reduced. 


Otherwise, try backing your compression clickers out to near 20, and open the rebound clickers 2 or 3 above the MXA settings, due to your light weight vs. the stock springs.

Thank you gray. I have read your posts before as I have read posts on thumper talk but just became a member yesterday. Your wisdom and the positive light you bring too this sport or hobby is great. I am the lightest I have ever Been in my life so I got too be carful I don't put new springs in and then Gain 20 pounds over the winter. Lol It sounds like for my weight And skill those mxa clicker settings might have took me in the wrong direction. I am going too check my sag off the bike front and rear today or tomm too see how far I am off with springs. I am going too have too look up how too measure front sag since I have too admit I have never done it. I'm 32 only had dirt bikes too play around with on the trails when I was younger. I didn't learn a lot of the basics set up wise. Should have learned. Sounds like softening up with the clickers will help band aid the problem if my springs are a touch stiff for me if I'm understanding you. If I have too I will fix the problem correctly over the winter. Gives me some time too budget for it. Should I increase rear sag slightly the more I slide the forks up in the clamps. Thanks for All the help.

Ps just thought about it it obviously not a big deal too measure sag in the front I assume just pick too points too measure from measure with it on a stand then off the stand. And subtract the numbers.

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