Cheapest source for new Keihin PWK carbs?

Specifically a 36mm quad vent version with the long body and screw on cap.  I've checked Sudco, JD Jetting, Ebay, etc.  They're all $225-$250.  Are there any cheaper sources?

Not a 36mm, but a new 38mm PWK for a '00 CR250 is only $181 through Honda East Toledo.

Yea, that may be the default if I can't find a cheaper 36mm.  It just seems that if Honda can sell the 38mm for that price, including the price premium for an "oem" part, aftermarket companies should be able to match it.

Try these guys,  I've dealt with them several times and they've always been great to deal with.  They're in Cleveland, so quick and cheap shipping to PA

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