Performance CDI box

Hi, I have a 2000 XR100R (4-stroke) And it is carbureted. Im wondering what's the advantage of having a "high performance" CDI box versus stock CDI box? All replies appreciated, Matt

I put one on my XR50 and XR70 and only noticed it eliminated the rev limiter.  For the money we paid, it really wasn't worth what I saw.  However, with a few more CCs, it may show something for you.  

how did you know it removed the rev limiter ? a stock motor with a stock cdi wont hit the revlimiter due to how the motor is made, it will shake its self apart before it hits the box, i have played on plenty of stock 70's and never once hit the rev limiter on a stock one and i normally hold them wfo on tracks. 

Because i used a tachometer and checked.  :p


But yes, 50s and 70s generally do not cut out, they top out.  The aftermarket CDI for most playbikes simple change the ignition curve and give the bike a little more before topping out a little higher.


But I will stick to my guns and say the price, even the cheap Chinese CDIs, are not worth  it.  A drill bit to open the airbox and exhaust, plus a few bucks for jetting, will make your little XR wake up quite a bit.

OK I have to rant....

I agree 100% with Go Big Red above...

This is a Honda 100 (50 - 70 - 110 whatever), it's a SMALL engine.

I'll say gear (sprocket) changes will give by far the best performance difference, air box - jetting just so so.

Honda spends a LOT of money getting rev limits, jetting and gearing right for just about everyone, everywhere.

you might gain a little with some changes but not much.

If you want more power get a bigger bike.

My 2 ¢

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