Question about rear suspension spring & weight adjustment.

Hey eveyrone.


I recently bought a YZ450 and the previous owner told me the rear shock was set up for a 140 lb rider. I'm 185-190lbs and the ride feels very squishy especially compared to my friends bikes. I dont ride MX or anythign like that, mostly just trial riding and hill climbs so I don't need this thing ultra fine tuned but my main question is


Does "set up for 140 lb rider" just mean the rear shock was adjusted or would that normally mean the spring was replaced. I already tighted the spring a bit (probably 1.5 full turns) but it didn't realy seem to make much of a difference. Just trying to figure out if I should be cranking the spring down or buying a different spring. Thanks all




Spring was changed. You will need to get springs, front and back, for your weight.

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