Mikiuni 42mm flat side

I have a Honda XR650L that has all the normal modifications, pipe,K&N, smog block off, etc. I just put on this carburetor . I need suggestions on how to dial it in to run correct. It cranks good, warms up good. When I get on the road it cuts out bad around 45-50 mph. Not sure what jets XR's only sent installed I hope to minimize the new jets I will have to order.

Hi, I'm no expert, but might I suggest you take a look at your float bowl level.  Remember, gas from the tank goes into the carb bowl, you ride it and when you get to about 50, you're flowing a lot of fuel.  Maybe the carb bowl is not keeping up with fuel demand and empties before it gets replenished by the tank.  If you have a fuel filter between the carb and tank, check that make sure it's free flowing.  But do check your float level.  If the floats rise up too soon, you don't get that much gas in the carb bowl and the carb starves of fuel causing it to shut down in high speeds.  Another thing to check is your gas hoses.  Make sure they are not pinched and starving the carb/engine of fuel.  If you don't have enough flow going to the carb, it will go empty when you open up the throttle.  Happened to me.  If all else fails, check your main jet size and make sure it's the correct size.  Good luck and hope this was helpful.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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