LC4 640 Rekluse ?

Im currently looking at buying a 2003 640 Adventure.

Im after a rekluse clutch for one. Part No: RMS630

Anyone know of a new one or a second hand one available?

I have 2 artificial legs and want to run a LHR brake as well.

Pezz :)

Hello Mr. Pezz,


As you know, the RMS-630 is discontinued.  However, I have seen your request and just happen to work at Rekluse.  We generally keep spare parts in stock when a clutch is discontinued to service clutch owners in the future.  I have enough parts to build you a RMS-630.  If you get the KTM 640 Adventure, contact me and I can get you a clutch through our Australian distributor.  We do not have a bolt on LHRB for that bike, but we can help figure out how to rig one up.


Good Luck!



I have a '12 690 Enduro R and would be very interested in a LHRB if the rear MCs are the same or similar.


RearBrakeMC1_zps248ff067.jpg     RearBrakeMC2_zps35ceb336.jpg





Idahojoe, anyway you could piece together another Rekluse.


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