Should a CRF230 wheelie just by cranking on the throttle?

I just bought a used 230 and plan to use it for trail riding, no racing. It seems to run well, and the engine is very responsive to the throttle. The torque curve seems to be very broad -- opening the throttle in nearly any gear results in acceleration. Nice. I've only ridden it about 4 or 5 hours so far.

But I have not gotten it to wheelie just turning the throttle. The front end gets light, but the wheel does not clear the ground. Is it normal to wheelie?

[edited to clarify]

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Sorry, my wording was contradictory in the subject line and body, so I can't tell what "yes" means. My bad.


Should I expect it to wheelie with just the throttle?

Bone stock a 230f wouldn't pull a greased string out of a pigs ass. Something about being 50 state legal. A little uncorking and jetting makes a big difference. Read in the jetting sticky about jetting, mainly Mike Coe's jetting specs.

I am waiting on my 89a cam to be built and hope that would allow it to do the roll on wheelie.

More compression (piston) would be a Wheelie good idea as well.

You might also try helium in the front tire. Lol

Couldn't hurt at least... (I'm just saying)

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