Shaun Simpson at Nl GP

...he did a realy good job.he and his semi pro team beat the hole fatory teams.with only one race and Training bike he did arealy good job.on the trake you could hear how much power his yz had.i thought that couldn't be real...a semi bike beats a fatory bike.hammer!

After the first heat they opend the engine and changed the top "kopf dichtung" the mechnics worked like Amateurs. .it was all dirty and the tools where flying all over the pleace.BUT he beat all of them...what a smae for the werks teams..good job boy!!!!!!



Yah , Shaun is a decent rider and put in a good effort

Indeed.  He went good.    Is that WP suspension on that Yamaha? :ride:

Ja wp 48mm

**Claim to fame story** :smirk:


When he was an up and coming rider, my friend's dad did his engine work for him.


Years ago we used to loan a field off a farmer during the winter for building a track on the off-season.  The dad used to take Shaun up to the track to try the bikes out before we went back across the Irish Sea to race.

Indeed.  He went good.    Is that WP suspension on that Yamaha? :ride:

Now that is messed up.  Who would choose to run WP?

Haha i asked me that too..

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