Left airboot clamp loose on 2011 kx250f for 5 hours

Hello all fellow riders/racers. I did the unthinkable, something I never thought I would do, I forgot to tighten the clamp holding the airbox boot to the throttle body. Found it when I went to take the subframe off again. Upon separating it there was visible dirt in the intake to the throttle body and some dirt on the butterfly valve. I raced a harescramble in some pretty dusty conditions for 1.8 hours then did two 10 min practice sessions at the mx track followed by 4 4 lap motos. Total run time with loose clamp, 4.8hrs.  I did put a coating of grease around the throttle body and the inside of the boot before I slipped it on. My question to you all, is there anything you would recommend doing before riding again? Still starts right up and runs fine but now I'm worried how much damage I might have done to the top end. Recommend any kind of cleaning of valve train? Changing the oil and cleaning stainless filter as always after every race. Just irks me, just bought this bike that week and first time I took it apart. In all my 20 years of tearing bikes apart I've never done this, always heard horror stories of it. Anyone have the illusive magic ball with a good answer?

Obviously clean it all thoroughly , check the valve clearances and change the oil

The dirt may have caused some premature wear on the valves, but you not going to know until you see the clearances changing.


You could remove the throttle body and clean it and also the intake side of the head if any dirt in there. You wont find dirt in the cylinder so i dont think its worth taking the head off to check.   


Hopefully what did go in went straight out.

Yeah, that's all there is to it.  Can't worry about what is done, just keep an eye on the valves clearances.  Honestly, the chances of damage are low.  That boot is pretty tight to begin with, and even with a little infiltration you should be fine.  Don't beat yourself up over it.  

Thank you for the replies. Not going to fret it too much. What's done is done only time will tell. Luckily I wasn't riding sand I guess!! Going to do a hare scramble Saturday and moto Sunday. See how she rips!!

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