Tires, tubes and wheels

470.jpgI have managed to bend the rear rim of my 05 CRF250x, I've also gone threw a few to many tubes for my liking and the tread on my tires are getting hard. I would like to ask your opinions on the stock rims, are they worth ordering again or would an aftermarket brand be a better choice? As for the tubes, are there any heavy duty tubes you prefer and would recommend? I live in Alaska and ride all kinds of terrain from dirt to gravel, sand and even snow in the late fall. Dirt and gravel are the two main surfaces though so is there a intermediate/hard terrain tire you have tried and liked? I'm obviously new to dirt bikes and would love to get some reviews and advice from other more experienced riders. Thank you 

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see those pics for tire comparison between brands and surface. it have some good info for most known brands




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