wr250r as first dirt ride



i am new to forum posting.  i have read many and gained a lot of insightful opinions however.  i am relatively new to dirt riding. i am 6'0", 200lbs. i currently ride an aprilia tuono 1000r and am moving more towards dirt for winter to spring riding.  I live in the northwest and plan on dual sporting for the winter cause the roads in the northwest during winter are not fun. I have ridden ttr125 and klx250 four strokes and am now looking at purchasing a 2008 wr250r or 2003 wr450f dual sport. i know performance wise they are very different.  I am looking for a bike to get me to the trails and handle it (single track, double track and fire roads) and be a back up commuter (7 miles of interstate or urban assault for 30min). I have an italian street bike for my everyday mess but it likes to shit the bed from now to then so this bike would be my back up commuter (maybe 1000 miles per year on the highway). Any thoughts?

I owned a 2008 WR-250R (and a 2008 WR-250X, the motard version), so I can tell you it's a good dual-purpose bike.


You will get more answers in the Dual-Sport forum, though, because even though the WR-250R and WR-250F have similar designations, they are not close to the same machines as all of the parts are different.

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I meant to say wr250r vs wr450f. 2008 amd 2003 respectively. I will try the dual sport forum. Thanks!

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