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time for new pipe 125sx

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guys its time for a new pipe

the old one (ktm racing)(from powerparts?) is broken bad!

this is the pipe that the bike came with

i dont know if its an oem part or an  ktm powerpart

i also want to change the silencer

i use the bike for mx and maybe for  a a tiny bit of trail riding

i need something good and cheap

should i try a fmf fatty or sst but with what silencer?

thank you for your time

(the bike also has  a vforce3 reed valve)

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Get a fmf fatty pipe gold... and a fmf power core 2 ... dont get a shorty pipe it will make you loose bottom end torque


A shorty gives you bottom end and lowers top end. 


StamFR-  A sst is an over rev/ top end pipe although they are good for their applications I would buy either a fmf fatty or a pro circuit pipe platinum 2 or works pipe but that just me. I would take a look at bud racing's stuff along with DEP although they are hard to find they make awesome pipes.

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platinum2 does not exhists for 125s


i have a ktm racing silencer

this one


and a ktm racing pipe


so its a doma copy that ktm sells

the problem is that the pipe is dented and rusty

should i prefer a fmf fatty or procircuit platnum?

im thinking that since the silencer is an sxs part and not a standard i should keep it

its not short like a shorty silencer and not long like a enduro type silencer

i can find dep pipes here in greece for about 260-280euros(dont make the conversion to dollars you will faint!)

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