Footwear for Enduros?

What do you enduro riders wear for events?  I just did a long off-road annual event (not an enduro - not timed) and I decided to NOT wear my MX boots.  I'm glad I didn't.  I had several occasions to walk some, push some bikes out of mud, both mine and others & stop and walk around to find the best way out of difficult terrain, etc.  MX boots would have made all of that so much harder.  So what do you enduro riders wear?  In maybe an actual enduro, you don't have to walk & push as much as I did ?  I've never done a sanctioned enduro..

Mx boots give good foot protection. Mx boots are dangerous to wear if you're on foot in the rocky cliffs. Mx boots leak water. Mx boots look stupid.

Trials boots don't give good foot protection. Trials boots are great on the rocks. Trials boots can be waterproof. Trials boots are a fashion statment.

I own alpine star tech 10s (green)

I wear gaerne balance oiled (brown)

P.S. The gaerne's run a little small.

Everyone wears MX boots, you will need the protection. The issue is to wear comfortable boots. Hands down the most comfortable (and possibly expensive) boots are the Sidi Crossfire boots. I can wear mine, and walk in them for hours with no discomfort. They are fairly waterproof, as much as you will get with any MX boot.


You can also install an enduro sole.


If you don't like the Crossfires, look for a boot that has a hinge at the ankle, it makes a huge difference.

Everyone wears MX boots of course.


If you break your ankle you no longer have the luxury of walking, pushing bikes out of the mud, etc.

broke my 2 middle toes on my left foot

inside my alpinstar tech 3 boots

durning the Caney Creek (ama national) enduro.

anything less and i might have lost those toes.


now i wear boots with a steel shank

Thanks for all the input guys.  I'm absorbing it all.

I definitely would recommend good MX boots.  Remember, you wear your gear for protection, not for comfort.  Obviously you want your gear to be as comfortable as possible, but don't sacrifice protection.  Even though we're not hitting 90' triples in the woods, we still need the ankle support for sudden drops and g-outs and the tough toe box for when we clip a rock or tree with our foot.

Sidi Crossfire SDS with Enduro soles or Tech 3 All terrain. Basicaly, a good boot with treads so that you don't slip when you're trying to push your bike in mud/dirt. Enduros have a lot of situations where you have to get off and push your bike to help it over an obstacle. I like the Sidi's best, the Tech 3's felt bulky. there are times when I pinned my foot between a rock/root and frame/footpeg riding at speed,  were I'm sure I would have smashed my foot in anything less than a Crossfire. The original Crossfire SDS are skinny in the toe box, so people with wide feet have trouble. The newer Crossfire 2s are supposed to be wider.

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