NOICE!!!!! My son will hate you for that. He loves the retro gear. He has 7 or 8 sets hanging in the trailer.

Pretty sweet. I'd like some 80s retro gear myself but have been too cheap to cough up the dough so far...

I got the set off a guy over in Europe.  Couldn't pass it up, you never see sets for sale.  Oh, and it's my size too.  I was thinking of getting a mannequin to display it.  I have a Bell Moto 5 I plan on painting to go with the gear.

After I left for the Army in 88, My dad took all my old gear and either threw it away or gave it away to all the local kids. I never thought it would be worth anything,,,,as we all do. And I had boxes upon boxes of stuff going back all the way to the 70's.

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 Man that is so sweet. I truely hate you today..... :p

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