JD Jetting Setup for 3,000 - 5,000’ Elevation DRZ 400

Hello Everyone;


I got a JD jet kit for my 07 DRZ 400s and have the 3X3 mod, a DG slip-on muffler (stock header) and purchased the extended fuel/air mix screw. 


Here is my issue- the JD kit recommends the blue needle, 3rd clip for below 4,000 feet and the red needle third clip for over 4,000 feet.  I live in a transition zone (Calgary), so my main riding will be between 3,000 and 5,000 feet, with temperatures ranging between 60-90F.  What would be the correct set-up for this (I am assuming blue, but should I adjust the clip setting)?  On a related note, I have seen that the pilot jet does not get changed if using the extended fuel screw- can anyone tell me why and which setup is better?


Thanks in advance!

There is more to it than just altitude. Re-read the kit information. It is air density, made of air pressure, humidity and temp. Typically, as you go up in altitude, air pressure drops, temp drops and so does humidirty

Thinner air means less O2

Colder air means more O2

Drier air means more O2


I'd run the red needle where you are, clip three

You keep the 25 pilot because of how the replacement fuel screw flows.

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