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So I've spent quite a deal of time now reading over hundreds of posts I've googled for the XT350. Seeing as I'm the kind of guy who has a passion for certain things I aquire in life for some reason this XT350 I bought 2 months ago seems to be one of them things now. I can't tell you how I feel about her shes on my mind 24/7 I want her to run just right so after hours of digging and I know others said this same stuff as I may but I've come to think that rejetting is a must along with my SuperTrapp I recently put on. Seems just putting the exhaust on her made quite the improvement. I don't know if she been rejetted yet or not as my jets are to arrive here today shortly and this will be the first time I will have opened the bowl on the carb. I will  be getting a 128.5, 130, 135, 140 main jets today. I have a pilot to tap and a micro bit set as well to do such with on the way. But today I think from my findings that putting a 135 main jet and shimming the needle while leaveing everything else alone should run the same as not shimming the needle and taping the pilot jet to a #76. I also got replacement turn signals comeing seeing the ones the po had on it are outlandish. I am like a little kid in the candy store my wife said. But to me from what I understand from true XT350 lovers as I see here I get a sense that its worth the work you put into them as long as you keep up on them. I truly want to be able to give this bike to my sons one day for them to enjoy as well. I plan to open the airbox to pod filters and I belive I need to put a crankcase vent filter on as well not much talked about online doing this so ill keep you posted to my findings and what I use. Also I saw one reference to using a Big Bear oil filter cover that comes with oil cooler pipe fittings to rig an oil cooler to the XT350 if anyone knows more about this please enlighten me before I go spending money and maybe blowing my bike up in the process lol. I decided the way I ride I didn't need to do the chain conversion yet so I got a new 19/49 tooth setup planed to land by Fri. I will be installing wish me luck haha. Also she needed new speedo and tach cables all plan to be here and installed by Fri.



Rawr shoot me now I was ranmbleing anyways yea I got a few things left to do to her all in time but will be soon.


Today after the jets land Fed ex yay 4 pm est I can't wait..... I will be tearing into the bowl and carefully change the main jet. My fear is having to shim the needle today the top looks really full of tiny shit and seeing I don't got the xtra pilot jet and drill set yet I will need to shim the needle from my understanding of what others said online. I will take pics and keep you posted to my findings as well.



Thank you to all those who have spent time and effort to allow me to get the understanding of my bike as I have now..



And here is a pic of her after I've spent some time fixing her up I screwed up and lost the files of her the day I bought her but yea enjoy As you can see I put new tires on her painted the exhaust manifold and put the supertrapp on her needs more TLC sure to come






forget the pod filters if its ever going off road. If youre already having carb issues, it rarely gets any better with pods. They are good bikes if used within their intent. Once you make it faster, the suspension limitations appear. Great commuter/weekend explorer bike. Remember, were talking cutting edge mid 80's technology here.

Yea after taking the carb off the bike I soon found what I was hoping to not be, ruined carb intake boots yay me so Fri will have replacements till then I have reconsidered pod filters after taking the carb out I realize that the intake boots the rot and the pipe to the airbox are the only things holding this carb in so removing half its support just don't sound like a good idea to me.

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And yea I know its mid 80's tech and I don't mind that I just want a commuter bike. One that an EMP wont nuke to death haha mad max here I come baby anyways lol its the point to be different I guess I know I could of got water cooled and newer but I wanted to be different and kinda fell in love with her I guess...

I belive the 3rd photo has the air screw in it if that it then it was predrilled by a previous owner on mine can anyone confirm that's the screw everyone talks about?


And for them boots yea garbage and here I am spending another 100 on replaceing them with more of the same garbage. well I know I will try and make some replacements out of my old ones for future replacers if the new set I got ordered goes anytime soon wish me luck...



Go figure I wait all this time to rejet and now I cant even enjoy the fruits of my labor yay me.... Well good things come to those who wait I guess..





Can anyone tell me if they think the xt350 would make a 500 mile ride if stopped every say 100 mile for 1/2 hr to and 1hr?

Sure can, in fact a guy just did an Alaska adventure tour on a tw200 (same type air cooled motor). Keep her filled with oil, stay away from high rpm's. Backroads are your best friend, 500 highway miles is much rougher

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so I got the jet in put the 135 in for now waiting for bits to drill the pilot the set I got yea not going to happen so I got good cnc machine ones coming time to hit the cnc up.. I also put on the new 19/49 tooth sprockets with a 130 link chain minus 2 links. Got new carb joints in place and looking good.. So after reattaching the carb with the new jet and putting the tank on I figured id test her out. The moment of truth did I &%$#@! up my ride more then I helped well after tilting her to the side to fill the bowl and get her ready to start I kick her 2x and damn she purrrrred like a kitten. So after a few test runs im very happy with the chain sprocket combo yea I lost some low end but criseing at 80 now barely on it 6th gear yay happy dance haahhaha.   So after feeling good like I did something right I went to plugging away at putting the new cables on speedo and tach seeing I did the clutch cable yesterday all went smoothly as expected. Just always remember the path of travel on these suckers when takeing them out and replacing them, make sure no tight bends or turns in the line and you'll be fine... So just about complete just got to do my pilot jet and run a ton of plug chops and play with it all and tune her in wish me luck haha..


oh yea forgot to say I got a little hiccup in the idle every once and awahile almost as if when the electrical takes a load while idle other then that a small stutter at like  1800 rpm and if held in that range but hoping after the work I do to the pilot jet this will go away....




Its kinda dark and I put her away I'll get some pics tomorrow and post them for all that cares to see.

Anyone have access to a service manual for the 2000 XT350 that they would be willing to share?  Carb rebuild and adjustment on this setup looks to be fairly detailed.  Any help would be appreciated.

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