Another - "What Year is This Suzuki TS 185"

Hello Folks,

New member here but have been watching the site for a while. I have a question about a bike my dad bought new many years ago. He cannot recall the year of the bike and I can't find any paperwork on it.  Can someone assist, please.  I think its a 1978 but he thinks its an 80' or 81'.  I'm working on fixing the bike up for my kid and need the year to work on finding parts online.  The serial on the frame neck is TS1852-17014 and the information sticker on the other side of the frame neck is worn off.  Thoughts?  Thanks in advance for any help. 



2013-09-07 10.28.10.jpg

2013-09-07 10.30.02.jpg

2013-05-26 19.55.40.jpg

If the paint scheme is original then it's a '77, maybe a '78 as it's likely that it didn't change from '77 to '78.





1977 sounds on the money as I understand their frame numbers started at 10001 onwards, where as the 78 started at 22789.

Also pretty sure 76 was the crossover year from the early silver non reed valve engines to the black reed valve type.


It's not an 80 or 81 as the fuel tanks on them were more angular, they were known as TS185ER, at least  over here in the UK that is.

Great woods bike for its time. Just a few simple mods and it worked very well. Durable as an anvil.

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