'01 WR muffler packing - GYTR kit?

What I have: 2001 WR250F.  Stock muffler, no insert.


What I want: Quieter.


Took out the spark arrestor, found no packing material.  Did some research here, looks like that is normal for my model.  


Looking at getting the GYTR insert to quiet it down but also came across a "GYTR Muffler Packing Cartridge" for my model/year.  Is this supposed to be a replacement "baffle" for what's in there or an actual packing additive to suppress sound?  Not finding much for details and the one pic isn't doing much for me.




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If memory serves, that GYT-R packing is meant for one of the GYT-R mufflers, not your stock muffler.

Just another case of a website not being clear on something.


If you're riding the bike with the stock muffler and the spark arrestor removed from the rear of it, yeah, I imagine it's pretty loud and with a crap tone to it, making it even worse.

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That makes sense.


Spark arrestor is there, just had it out to do some inspecting.  For the record...I did ride it around the 'hood w/o it and it sounded exactly the same.  


Guess I'll be ordered the GYTR insert.  Thanks.

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