Full rebuild on my Husqvarna 570 SMR

Finally finished my full rebuild on my 2000 Husqvarna 570 SMR and wondered what people think of it?

image (3).jpeg

Looks badass!

Moar pix! :thumbsup:

Will post some more pics ASAP.

610 side panels and 570 plastics front and rear - why?

Hey mate when I ordered new plastics for the 570 from Huskysport using the registration these are the ones they supplied which match the old ones that I had removed. I believe the side panels didn't change to the new shape until 2001 so this bike is one of the few 570's that has the same panels as the 610's as it's a 2000.

Hi Shane,


unlikely. You need a 570 tank to fit 570 plastics. Yours looks to have a 610 tank and 610 shrouds. You also have a set of KTM forks, so maybe not everything is bone stock. Huskys never came with WP suspension bits. Anyway, good on ya for rebuilding it!

Spot on with the forks mate. I fitted the WP forks as an upgrade for a better feel from the front end.

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