Honda cr 250 2t or yamaha yz 250 2t?

Im trying to get as much info on all these different bikes before I buy one, and I would like to know, which bike is better? Which one handles better? Has more power? Everything.

depends on the year. The first AF hondas, I.E. '98-early 2000's handled pretty bad, so id stay away from those. Yamahas from these years had pretty good handiling but not the best. If, you were to get a newer bike, i couldn't help you there, as I love both Honda and Yamaha.

The first gen af Cr250s where for 97-99 and they where a little stiff, but it was mostly the forks to blame for the handling. They aren't as bad as everyone says they are. I got the racetech gold valve kit for my forks and it is a lot better now and it handles fine for me. The 2nd gen af cr250s where 00-01 and the 3rd gen af cr250s where 02-07. The 00-01 where the best over all (motors and handling) and the 02-07 handled the best but the motors lacked. the best motors are the 97 and the 01 (from what I know). That being said, if you can get a 05 or newer Yz250 then the Yz would probably be the best choice. If it is gonna be older then 05 then the Yz should have the better motor but the handling should be around the same. Good luck with your choice :thumbsup:  :ride:

Thanks for the help chaps :D

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