I apologize for asking this question as I'm sure its been answered before. However can anyone simplify the timing process of a 02/ 250f. I set the values per the manual. Ext  .017/.020. Int .010, .010, .011. Then I lined up the timing marks with the head and the lower "I". The problem I'm experiencing is, that once it is all lined up and then I install the tensioner by doing so the "I" is rotated out of position. Is this normal? Or do I need to compensate for the movement? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When installing the cams, you must do so keeping slight tension on the chian on the front (exhaust side) of the engine, then when the tensioner is installed and freed, the timing does not move as the loose side is what becomes tightened. Once done and before you install the spark plug, rotate the engine a few times and rtriple check the marks line up. If your chain is worn, the mark on the exhaust cam will be slightly on the high side (not on the low side, that means you are off).

also, stick you finger in the tensioner hole and put manual tension against the chain guide. Rotate like william said and check timing marks. Like william said, if the chain is stretched, you won't get the marks to line up like you'd like.

'Giving it the finger' is a good trick.

Ok I have done exactly as instructed. With the tension kept lighting on the exhaust cam. By doing this the marks line up perfectly, until I rotate it several times. then the lower mark no longer lines up. I'm assuming this means the chain is stretched? I am putting a new one on tomorrow, is there anything else I should changed while at this point?


And thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

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