Throttle problems

I am having a throttle issue with my grizzle 660 07' I did a carb rebuild and after it will not take throttle. It's chokes out and dies. I have replaced the diaphragm due to a Hole and still the same. I have set the pilot jet to 2 turns out still the same. Made sure all card is clean and blown out. Any suggestions?

You said you blew it out.make sure you didnt blow out the small jet that the needle goes into when you let off the throttle if you look through your carb you should see about asixtenthof it sticking up into the barrel and your needle rest inside that.

Well I checked its still there .. I'm not sure I'm still messing with it

Well as bad as I don't want to admit it .. If you get the main jet and the starter jet mixed up and crossed it will not work!

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