Install crank seals

I was wondering the best way to install crank seals on a 2000 cr250. I have seen YouTube videos of a socket and hammering... I saw a post where a PVC coupling is used. A nut goes on the crank half way then a bolt to the other side of the nut. On that bolt you put the PVC coupling on there with a washer then another nut just before the head of the bolt. You tighten that nut just before the head of the bolt which pushes the washer down on the PVC which then pushes in the crank seal evenly. I have also heard to install the crank seal first then install the bearings then the crank. I do not own a press and I know the seals need to go in 1mm on one side and 2mm on the other. Maybe I'm just over thinking this. But any tips or feedback would be awesome!

Thank guys,


Also can a vice with a socket be used to press them in? I'm thinking no with the crank already installed, but before the crank is installed it might be a go... Just thinking out loud!


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